How to manage time.

Company meeting underway

Managing time is one of the challenges of being a successful manager.If time is not managed properly you run the risk of being unable to work as well as you would like.Alternatively you may end up with so much work that you cannot complete all that you need to.

Time wasting activities

In order to have the time to do the work required you will need a time management strategy.First ,however it is important to know what might lead you to waste time.These activities include:

  • Not spending enough time prioritising tasks or being clear about what has to be achieved.
  • Putting off tasks that have to be achieved because they are too difficult or boring.
  • Working on tasks that are simple rather than important.
  • Responding to the person who shouts the loudest rather than doing the most important task.
  • Trying to do everything rather than getting someone to assist.
  • Giving out incorrect or poorly expressed information so that time is wasted by having to provide more information or correcting errors and unnecessarily lengthy phone calls, meetings or conversations.
  • Time management strategies
  • Once time wasting activities have been identified,a time management strategy should be formed based on five principles.
  • You need to record all commitments, including meetings, tasks to be completed and deadlines and carryout regular work planning.
  • You need to be clear about what it is you have to achieve.This will allow you to prioritize your work.It is easy to get sidetracked and to waste time on things that are interesting but not essential.
  • You need to structure your time .Divide your time into blocks and allocate these blocks to certain activities.Tasks requiring concentration and research should be allocated the time when you feel most alert.Alternatively,responding to phone calls, paperwork, and email can be left for times when concentrated work is less possible.
  • You need to identify time periods when you can and cannot be disturbed by those who work with you.
  • You need to learn to say “no”. Rather than making you appear lazy.The ability to turn down requests for work when overloaded will make you appear efficient and the work that you will do will be better.

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How to show you know using colour.

colour the same objects with the same colour.

Diffferent objects

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How to make a decision in a successful company.

A company team celebrating

Management is all about making decisions.To make rational decisions,we go through a process very similar to that be it for problem solving we need to:

  • Be clear about the choices available and the criteria against which the choice should be made.
  • obtain sufficient information in order to assess the choices.and

Come to a decision.

Decision making rarely follows the process set out above as we tend to make the decision based on:

  • past experience
  • Knowdge and other organizations
  • Recent training
  • Judgement,
  • creativity and
  • Personal abilities

We make decisions under time constraints and often without comprehensive information.Therefore decision making is rarely rational.

However,in order to make your decision making as effective as possible,be sure you know the following:

  • What exactly are you trying to decide?
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • How should they be involved?

When must you decide?

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Chelsea Vs Manchester United

6 minutes into the game and it is still 0-0.

12 minutes gone and Chelsea is clearly pressing Manchester United

Alonso to odoi who sets up ziyech only to shoot wide.

odoi sets Werner who heads wide.

Foul by James,free kick Manchester United.

Foul by matic on Rudiger free kick Chelsea.

Shot from Rudiger after being set by odoi only to hit the goal post.

Odoi puts a deadly cross but it’s cleared out for corner kick.

odoi intercepts a pass attempts to shoot but it was too easy for the Manchester United goal keeper.

Fred sets up Fernandez but Mendy was at standby to pick the ball.

Free kick for Chelsea saved by De Gea.

Half time still Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0.

second half underway at Stamford bridge.

yellow card rashford.

Sancho picks a loose ball from centre half afyer a mistake by the Chelsea defender and puts it into the back of the net it is Chelsea 0 Manchester United 1.

Yellow card James.

manchester pushing Chelsea as the second half gets underway.

corner kick Chelsea but it is cleared by Manchester United.

Another Chelsea corner,werner’s effort goes wide.

James’cross cleared out for another corner.

James crosses again taken out for a corner.

Substitute Cristiano joins the fray.

Foul on Rudiger, free kick Chelsea.

Foul on Silva in the Manchester United box referee awards penalty.Jorginho scores the equiliser it’s 1-1.

chelsea clearly pressing Manchester United in all fronts.

manchester United win first corner of the game. ,ball is cleared.

Fernandez receives a yellow for a tackle on Silva.

Substitutes Pulsic and mount join the game.

ziyech shot saved by De Gea.

Substitute lukaku joins the fray.

14th corner kick for Chelsea is taken wide.

A cross from James goes begging.

15th corner kick for Chelsea is cleared.

5 minutes added time.

Ball cleared from Ronald for corner.

Final whistle it has ended Chelsea 1 Manchester United 1.

How to write a book review

Writing a book review

Be sure to read through the whole book a couple of times until you have understood.The target is to use your own opinion to write a book review.Avoid copying the author’s preview of the book.As you read the book keep taking down whatever errors . Usually the first ten identifiable errors are taken as important.As you are set to embark on writing the book review remember you will write your review in five paragraphs.

Write your book review according to the following areas:

Brief summary-write a brief summary of the as found out while reading.Whatever message depicted by the book must be reflected in the brief summary.

Book title-Include the book title in your paragraphs .

Author’s name-it is important to use the full name of the author when introducing the author’s name.After that it is okay to use a single name of the author when referring to the author of the book.

Positive aspects-Are there any positive aspects about the book?If there are no positive points to write about the book, clearly stated it so

Negative aspects -What are the negative points about the book? Avoid the use of content that can bias the judgement of the reader, content like religious content,and any other segregating content.It is not you to decide for the reader on such matters.If the negative aspects in the book won’t let you continue reviewing then you are supposed to request for another book that you are comfortable reviewing.

Rating -Give your rating of the book .Is it too bad? or how good is it.Usually use a scale of out of 4.

Justification of rating-if rated as bad justify why.If you rated the book as good then you must also justify.

Recommendations-write down your recommendation.

Errors-Take down any errors in the book and include them in the book review.

For more on book reviews be part of my mail audience.

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How to solve a problem

Two people solving problems

There are six basic steps in problem solving:

  • Recognising and defining the problem.This is not always as easy as it sounds.People always hide the fact that they are struggling with their work.
  • Analysing and clarifying the problem.Once you are aware of the problem ,the problem can be clarified.
  • Reviewing alternative solutions.Once you know what the problem is and have an idea of why it has arisen.You need to identify various ways to solve the problem.
  • Choosing a solution :The next step is often the hardest ,you have to make a decision and then communicate to all of those affected.
  • Implementing the solution:Where some problems are concerned, this may require the assistance of others or even a strategy to ensure that your decision is implemented.
  • Evaluating the decision:You should check to see that the problem has been solved.

This is clearly a lengthy process and is not appropriate for solving all problems.However it provides a structured approach of solving any problem.

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How communication leads to building of successful brands.

A company marketing team

Communication is the transmission of information by any means.

In building successful brands ;

  • We communicate in order to influence or affect the understanding, attitudes and behaviors of others.
  • we communicate to manage people,make decisions,plan and solve problems.
  • We communicate clearly, frequently and involve everyone inorder to achieve excellence.
  • We communicate to enhance organization growth and success.

Relevance of good communication in building successful brands

  • Increases efficiency as people make fewer mistakes because they know what to do and how to do it.
  • People are motivated to continue performing well since they make fewer mistakes.
  • It reduces costs to the organization as fewer errors are made.
  • It facilitates the identification of what stakeholders want.This is particularly important for sponsors and funding agencies.

Factors that guarantee effective communication in an organization

  • Target audience needs to be considered.Informattion needs to be delivered using a style appropriate to the target audience.
  • The purpose of the communication.Written communication tends to be more formal than oral communication for example a sponsorship contract will be written, while news of staff member set to wed could be announced orally.
  • The length of the communication is important.Short messages can be communicated orally, while lengthy and complex information is better disseminated in writing so that some people can return to it for better understanding.

Types of communication used in building successful brands.

  • One way communication- is the giving of information or directive.Immediate feedback is not requested or required.
  • Two way communication-Here information is given and immediate feedback is requested or required.Communications in this category includes face to face contact, phone contact and written communiques requesting opinions.
  • Listening-The ability to listen is also an essential communication tool,since it is important to hear and understand the information that is being passed on rather than just focusing on the words that are being said.

Black Friday Week 2021 v1

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Black Friday Week 2021 v1

How to write an organization constitution

Drafting an organization constitution


The name of an organization as it shall be called.


State the objectives clearly and they must be SMART.check out for meaning of SMART from our previous posts here.


Members shall include all those accepted at the general meeting of the organization and members who also have paid for membership of the organization.


Talk about the sources of finances and when such finances are expected.

State the starting time as well as the ending of financial year.

The officers

An executive Board of an organization shall be elected .The officers of the organization shall be:

  • The president/chairperson
  • Vice president
  • The secretary
  • The treasurer
  • Othe elected officers
  • The officers may be ex- officio members of all committees with voting powers.They shall be elected by the membership at the AGM and shall be eligible for re-election.

The annual general meeting

Must be held each calendar and shall at least:

  • Receive the balance sheet and accounts of the previous year.
  • Receive and adopt the annual report.
  • Appoint such sub-commitees as it sees it, from time to time.
  • Elect the officers and
  • Appoint the auditors

Executive Board

The executive board shall consist of the officers (with voting powers)and special representatives.


Committees shall be established by the executive board when needed.

Conduct of meetings

  • The place and date of the next meeting.
  • The quorum for each meeting.
  • Items for the agenda must be received by the secretary weeks before the meeting.
  • The agenda for the meeting shall be circulated at least weeks before the meeting..

Alteration of the constitution

Changes to any section of the constitution shall only occur when clear days notice is given to the delegates and by two thirds majority of those present and entitled to vote changes are effected.

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The day of the girl child

A girl

I have taken a long time without putting pen to paper but the immense joy as well as importance of this day made me to send this note to you.

Dear daughters, sisters, mothers aunties and great women of the world I totally understand what you go through in life struggles and can firmly assert that I am your best ally on matters of gender equality or inequality.Before you take your eye off the next phrase, permit me to take you through a brief journey of life that puts the boy child on the same pulse rate as our girl child.Whereas my case is not any better, allow me to briefly narrate to you the story of Micheal.

Whereas Micheal is not a girl nevertheless as a child he was abandoned,while in abandonment he was mistreated,all situations which he endured.His studies was consequately affected even when he was undoubtedly among the academically gifted children of his time.Even with all these,God paved his way out.At a tender age he faced sexual violence from a girl or woman who wanted to take advantage of him.As a young man he was ditched by girl friends or wives just for doing right,all these he overcame.As a professional he was fired because he could not submit to people who wanted to take advantage of him,God paved his way with another job.In some jobs he worked but was not paid a situation that many girls and women face.As a young man in his own ancestral home,he was denied his own inheritance in whatever form from his own parents but God paved his way with other gifts of life.

This is just but a drop of life lived in a clearly unequal world.As I conclude on equality dear boy child and girl child never give up but most importantly assume your position and take on your roles in society and with God by your side you can achieve gender equality.

One thing to remember though Micheal is a boy who is also a victim ,the girl child or woman does not have to step on him to achieve equality and the things life has to offer.Micheal is a partner of a girl child in the struggle.Together the girl child and the boy child can achieve gender equality.

A girl and a boy

Happy day of the girl child

Are parents encouraging both the girl child and boy child to take on roles in society?

Watchout for our articles on successful parenting and gender equality.

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Why there is lack of inclusion in sports?

People with disability performing a sport

Sport is a fundamental right and all should have the opportunity to participate and to do so under conditions that treat them fairly.

Lack of inclusion and equity occur because;

  • Favouritism and coach preference.
  • Cliques among the players themselves.
  • Denial of barriers such as poverty, racism gender inequality.
  • Lack of recognition of diversity.(e.g gender, economics).
  • Inappropriate allocation of resources,inadequate resources.
  • A lack of promotion of sports in general.
  • Lack of awareness of opportunities for sport.
  • Lack of appropriate representatives to lead participants.
  • The complacency of some parents and the high cost of sport .
  • How sports can help to Forster a more inclusive society
  • The inclusion refugees can help to break down barriers between newcomers and local Host population.
  • Sports help people with disabilities to improve their health and and mobility by making them stronger, More flexible and more coordinated.

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