How communication leads to building of successful brands.

A company marketing team

Communication is the transmission of information by any means.

In building successful brands ;

  • We communicate in order to influence or affect the understanding, attitudes and behaviors of others.
  • we communicate to manage people,make decisions,plan and solve problems.
  • We communicate clearly, frequently and involve everyone inorder to achieve excellence.
  • We communicate to enhance organization growth and success.

Relevance of good communication in building successful brands

  • Increases efficiency as people make fewer mistakes because they know what to do and how to do it.
  • People are motivated to continue performing well since they make fewer mistakes.
  • It reduces costs to the organization as fewer errors are made.
  • It facilitates the identification of what stakeholders want.This is particularly important for sponsors and funding agencies.

Factors that guarantee effective communication in an organization

  • Target audience needs to be considered.Informattion needs to be delivered using a style appropriate to the target audience.
  • The purpose of the communication.Written communication tends to be more formal than oral communication for example a sponsorship contract will be written, while news of staff member set to wed could be announced orally.
  • The length of the communication is important.Short messages can be communicated orally, while lengthy and complex information is better disseminated in writing so that some people can return to it for better understanding.

Types of communication used in building successful brands.

  • One way communication- is the giving of information or directive.Immediate feedback is not requested or required.
  • Two way communication-Here information is given and immediate feedback is requested or required.Communications in this category includes face to face contact, phone contact and written communiques requesting opinions.
  • Listening-The ability to listen is also an essential communication tool,since it is important to hear and understand the information that is being passed on rather than just focusing on the words that are being said.

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