Raising funds for a sports organization through fundraising activities

There are many activities that will raise funds for your organization:

  • Selling a product
  • Social events (dances, picnics, dinners,receptions)
  • Bazaars, auctions,craft sales
  • Gambling (bingos, lotteries, casinos)
  • Celebrity shows(concerts)
  • Sports events(runs, tennis, tournaments)
  • Providing services ((gardening,car washing)
A dance performance to raise funds

When considering which activities to explore,consider the following points:

  • The commitment of the fundraiser-Activities are only successful if those who are responsible for them are committed and motivated.For example there is little point in holding a club raffle if club members are not willing to sell tickets.
  • The novelty of the activity-The general rule of thumb is that the more novel the activity, the more interest it will create.
  • The estimated net profit-Some activities raise funds,but if this has to be spent on staging the activity,there may be no point .For example, the costs of a formal dinner may be so high that the extra you can add to the entry fee to generate revenue is so small and not worth it.
  • Resources needed-You need to make sure that you have the equipment, facilities and most importantly, people to carry out your activity to a high standard.Otherwise you are likely to have to pay for these, which will decrease your profit.
  • Timing of the activity-You need enough time to organize an event properly and to run the activity when it faces the least competition.Trying to sell expensive raffle tickets just before festive celebrations is bad timing as people often have little spare money.
  • Asssesssment of risk and legal implications-You should consider what might go wrong and how you will deal with this.You should also be aware of any permits or licences you may need.

Careful consideration must be given to ensuring that the right event is chosen,one that has appeal to the public and that will encourage participation The following is a checklist to guide your decision:

  • You are a worthwhile cause that will be supported.
  • The project leader has been established.
  • Prospective volunteers have been identified.
  • Committees and their chairpersons have been identified (where appropriate).
  • Initial publicity plans have been formulated.
  • You have a financial goal for the project.
  • You know how you will use the funds.
  • Your financial and human resources have been established.
  • A decision has been made regarding the special event to be organised.
  • A project budget has been drawn up.
  • Your target market has been established.
  • The timing of your event has been determined.
  • A plan for acknowledging those individuals who helped make your event a success has been developed.
  • A meeting has been planned to evaluate the fundraising event.
  • A post -event party has been planned to thank the workers for their efforts.

No matter how you decide to raise funds,it is important that the activity is well managed to make the best use of resources and the goodwill of those who attend the event.This will help to maximize the amount of money raised.

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