How to raise organization funds through sponsorship.

Sponsorship is an activity that creates a direct association between your organization,what it has to offer, and another organization.There must be benefits for both parties for the sponsorship to work.Sponsors can provide cash, goods and services known as value in kind(VIK) or a combination of these.

Company logo displayed in a club stadium

What do you have to sell?

Sponsorship is only possible if your organization has something to promote to a sponsor and if the benefits of this can be made clear to a sponsor.The following could be benefits that might attract sponsorship, consider each one carefully in terms of value to a sponsor and the cost to yourself and then look for others.

  • Use of emblem-Can a sponsor use the emblem of your organization or event? You will need to make sure you have the legal right to offer this.
  • Official sponsor status-Can they be given title of official sponsor?
  • Exclusivity-Will there be a limited number of sponsors, thereby making it more exclusive? Can they each be assigned an exclusive product category?
  • Publications-Do you have any publications in which a sponsor can advertise?Can they put their logo in a prominent location?
  • Television-Can you acquire good advertising rates on television?Do you have any of your own television programs through which they can get exposure?
  • Athletes-Athletes are always a good benefit to sponsors who like to have them appear at company functions and corporate events.It is good practice to guarantee a certain number of appearances per annum.
  • VIPs-Do you have access to VIPs and high ranking personalities? Would they host a dinner or appear at certain events organised by your sponsors.
  • Internet-Do you have your own website?Can you offer sponsors exposure on your website?
  • Event tickets-Can sponsors have access to purchase tickets to the Olympic games or other events of regional or national significance? Will you provide tickets free of charge?
  • Hospitality-Do you stage events in your country at which you can offer hospitality?
  • Other activities-Look carefully at all the activities you run particularly high-profile events, such as Olympic day celebrations.Could any be an opportunity to a sponsor?

The above should provide some ideas from which you can develop a package of benefits and opportunities.This should be developed into a written proposal, outlining each benefit and how it can be used.This proposal then usually forms the basis of a contractual agreement.Need help drafting a proposal?here we have got you covered,reach out and we shall be happy to write for you just the right proposal. Watch out for articles on how to get and retain a sponsor? & how to make a presentation to sponsors?

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