How to make a presentation to sponsors

A successful organization sponsorship bidding processing will always require a well planned way of laying down your proposals to the prospective sponsors.Once the benefits and opportunities have been defined,it is essential to prepare yourself to present these to sponsors.How will you present these benefits to a company?Will you do it yourself or through an agency?These must be carefully considered,as an agency would claim commission or a fee.Always read the small print and never sign away your rights.For the presentation,there are numerous options, such as:

  • A written proposal
  • A projector presentation
  • A flip chart presentation
  • A computer-based(multimedia) presentation.
A presentation underway

Much will depend on the budget available.However whichever route is taken,it must be done professionally and be well set out.Rehearse it.Write a script and test it on companies with whom you have dealt with in the past.Keep it concise and no more than 30 minutes long so that the audience does not lose interest.The content of a presentation to sponsors could include the following:

  • Introduction to your organization-What is the role of the organization and the work?
  • The sponsorship package-What are the benefits and opportunities available?
  • How it benefits the sponsor-What will they get from it?
  • Summary-Reinforce the key points and outline the benefits again.Then,lead into “investment”, i.e the amount of money required.Focus on partnership and being part of a team.

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