How to raise funds for your organization through promotions.

Promoting is a marketing technique that is used to communicate what our organizations do.The purpose of promotion is to sell the features and benefits of our organizations to those who might be interested.Promotion has three main objectives:

  1. To create awareness that an organization,a sport , team or players exist,and explain what is being offered, for example ,to increase knowledge of your sport so as to increase participation.
  2. To create a favourable attitude to encourage support, for example , promoting the healthy nature of your company products, or sports to sponsors and funding agencies.
  3. To reinforce support and to build loyalty, for example, promoting the benefits of membership to members and existing sponsors.
A lady promoting a company products

Promotional activities include:

  • Advertising-This is when you pay to promote your organization or sport.Advertising channels include printed and electronic media,cinema, radio, billboards and bronchures.This is often costly and other ways of promoting should therefore be considered first.
  • Merchandising-Products such as t-shirts,key rings, USB keys and caps can be used to spread your message.The name or logo of your organization is placed on the merchandise, which is either sold or given away to promote your organization, sport or event.
  • Events-Events can be used to develop and build relationships with stakeholders.They can also be used to create media and public interest.
  • Direct mail-This is the delivery of promotional material to recipients of electronic and postal mail.It could be a letter about the value of your sport or a bronchure about your organization products or an event.It could be sent to specific individuals or sent unnamed to an entire stakeholder database.Again this is often expensive, particularly postal mail.You also need to be aware of the data protection legislation that exists within your country.
  • Public relations-comprises a number of methods which you can use to communicate messages about the services you offer and the overall image of your organization to stakeholders and other interested members of the community.

Watch out for upcoming articles on public relations (PR).

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