How to manage experts in your organization

As experts can often be expensive,it is important that you make the best use their expertise and time they have with your organization.The following will help you to manage expertise within your organization or company.

  • Be very clear about why you need an expert what it is you expect them to achieve.
  • Create a scope of work for the project and use this to recruit your expert.
  • Look for the best help possible.Ask others whom they have used in the past or seek advice from funding bodies on who they would recommend.
  • Decide how you will recruit; will you use a tender process or will you approach someone on the basis of information you have been given?
  • Consider setting up a contractual relationship with the expert you choose.This is essential if you are intending to pay for their expertise.
  • Have an agreed and set budget for the project and make sure this is communicated to your expert.
  • Agree what the final output should be and the form it should take e.g a marketing plan or a series of training sessions for specific workers , students or athletes.
  • Manage your expert to agreed deadlines and make sure that you provide all information and resources.

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