How to make learners to attain good performance

Learners learning in a classroom

There is no doubt that learner performance in all class levels can be such a night mare to all stakeholders in education.From learners, teachers, parents, education organizations, education officials,scholars, governments on to the church have all had their fare share of headache in trying to make learners to have a good performance.The two most important stakeholders in the education of the learner are the teachers and the learners themselves.

Today we discuss learner good performance in the perspective of the teacher.

First things first, every teacher must know their role in as far as good performance of a learner is concerned.

Understanding the pupil,the parent,God and the teacher.

  • The pupil is an independent born/created human being who is capable of attaining knowledge as well as skills with or without a teacher, parent or even God.
  • The parent is an independent human being who gave birth to a learner.
  • God is the creator of the learner,the father and the teacher.
  • The teacher is a trained personnel who gives instruction to learners in an organized place called a class or school in general.
  • The teaching/learning process
  • The role of the teacher
  • The teacher prepares all the tools needed for teaching like schemes of work, lesson plans, lesson notes and teaching/learning aids.
  • Teaches lessons to learners entrusted to him/her.
  • To motivate learners as well as control discipline during learning.
  • To evaluate learners against the suggested objectives and give constructive as well as encouraging remarks.
  • To monitor attendance of learners and make appropriate guidance to learners who don’t attend regularly.
  • To provide guidance and counseling to learners who need guidance.
  • To assess learners according to recommended intervals .
  • To write reports of all learners entrusted to them indicating the skills,values, attitudes as well as knowledge gained within the indicated period.The teacher will also make recommendations to the learner, parent as well as school authorities.
  • The learner
  • Attends all lessons taught in his/her class and participates in the oral,tactile, visual as well as the written activities in the lessons.
  • Writes all notes as well as evaluation activities in all lessons of their course.
  • Participates in all sporting activities in their school and chooses their favorite sporting activity.
  • Carries out research on all topics of their course that they have no answers.
  • Abides by all the school rules and regulations and remains disciplined throughout their time of study.
  • Contests for a leadership position when learner prefect elections are held.
  • Maintains a proper hygiene of body and clothes.
  • Gives appropriate feedback during lessons attended.
  • Reports to school authorities any difficulties as well challenges experienced during their course of study.
  • Takes all assessments including examination when offered to their class.
  • Apply all learnt knowledge as well as skills in all applicable areas of life both within school and out of school.

Attaining good performance

For any teacher to produce a good performance in learners,the teacher must effectively perform their duties as stipulated before.

The learner must also effectively carryout all their roles as stipulated before.

All the other roles that must be carried out by the other stakeholders must be left for such stakeholders to perform their roles.In a nutshell the role of God should be left to God, parents must perform their role, school administrators must do their role, education officials must do their role, governments must do their role and the churches must do their role.

It is clear that only the teacher can never contribute to the desired good performance in learners.

Any stakeholder who desires to have good performance in learners must first achieve 100% of their own roles and afterwards accept to work with all the other stakeholders who should in turn achieve 100% of their own roles.

Any person who understands education will know that even after achieving 100% from all the stakeholders there is no guarantee that the learner would achieve 100% good performance simply because of the other factors that influence or affect learning some of which are out of the control of all the known stakeholders and the way of the one who created is not the way of man.

However , it’s very important to know that every learner who is wonderfully made will attain a good performance worthy of their effort when other stakeholders perform their roles deligently.

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