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Im an engineer and technology enthusiast who is passionate about the use of technology in solves challenges in daily life.

Sports technology

As different technologies find ground in different sports pitches,we introduce to you sports technology and share insights on performance technology.


With an increased focus on winning,high performance coaches and sportsmen are relying more and more on technology to position themselves ahead of the competition.

This has led to the evolution and growth of a new specialism within high performance sport known as performance technology.This application of technology to training and competition provides coaches and sportsmen with detailed visual and statiscal feedback about themselves and their opponents.Performace technology provides information that is timely, accurate,factual and in a format that is easily understood.It provides an extra eye for an experienced coach .

Perfomance technology

Performance technology refers to technologies designed to improve sports skill acquisition.It is the knowledge and use of tools for the analysis of sports man performance , from fields such as video technology,instructional technology,biomechanics, sports man development, sports man motivation, sports man feedback, strength,conditioning and injury management.

Sports technology incorporates hardware,software, their integration and the training of individuals in the use of the technologies.The educational aspect of performance technology includes the development of applied learning materials and instructional programs for sports men and coaches.

Technology capacity, sequencing and pitfalls

Instead of inventing new technology,it may be possible to use technology that has already been developed.For example,a coach could use global positioning systems (GPS),invented for other purposes and use them to track the position and velocity of Alpine downhill skiers as they train .

Beware, however that technology can be a distraction from the necessary hard work of training.It can waste time and money and give false confidence that the technology is an effective and necessary tool ,it can provide false conclusions.

There are also cost consideration, including purchasing and servicing the technology, employing an experienced operator to use it in training or competition situations at home or abroad,and the cost and time required to train technology operators.

It is critical that the technology specialist work closely with the sport organization in order to ensure that they understand the sport and the sport man ‘s needs.

What should be considered in performance technology

Education and training of technology specialists and coaches in training environments and at competitions.

Effective integration of the technology within the training environment.

Creation of storage systems, possibly accessed via the Internet,to share the collected data in a controlled way.

The possible need to develop or modify software or equipment to create the necessary tools.

Establishment of research projects to invent useful new technologies.

Do you understand all the relevant technologies being used in all your favorite sports?

Watch out for our latest insights in sports technology in the subsequent posts.

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The day of the girl child

A girl

I have taken a long time without putting pen to paper but the immense joy as well as importance of this day made me to send this note to you.

Dear daughters, sisters, mothers aunties and great women of the world I totally understand what you go through in life struggles and can firmly assert that I am your best ally on matters of gender equality or inequality.Before you take your eye off the next phrase, permit me to take you through a brief journey of life that puts the boy child on the same pulse rate as our girl child.Whereas my case is not any better, allow me to briefly narrate to you the story of Micheal.

Whereas Micheal is not a girl nevertheless as a child he was abandoned,while in abandonment he was mistreated,all situations which he endured.His studies was consequately affected even when he was undoubtedly among the academically gifted children of his time.Even with all these,God paved his way out.At a tender age he faced sexual violence from a girl or woman who wanted to take advantage of him.As a young man he was ditched by girl friends or wives just for doing right,all these he overcame.As a professional he was fired because he could not submit to people who wanted to take advantage of him,God paved his way with another job.In some jobs he worked but was not paid a situation that many girls and women face.As a young man in his own ancestral home,he was denied his own inheritance in whatever form from his own parents but God paved his way with other gifts of life.

This is just but a drop of life lived in a clearly unequal world.As I conclude on equality dear boy child and girl child never give up but most importantly assume your position and take on your roles in society and with God by your side you can achieve gender equality.

One thing to remember though Micheal is a boy who is also a victim ,the girl child or woman does not have to step on him to achieve equality and the things life has to offer.Micheal is a partner of a girl child in the struggle.Together the girl child and the boy child can achieve gender equality.

A girl and a boy

Happy day of the girl child

Are parents encouraging both the girl child and boy child to take on roles in society?

Watchout for our articles on successful parenting and gender equality.

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Setting your own website

The first time I heard about the world wide web(www) I thought it was something very complex to understand.As I got into the basics of the world wide web(www) I had to contend with the key areas of web hosting and domain name registration.Today as I write to you I am a proud owner of a full .com website.I have talked to many folks around town whose dream is to own a website but are totally clueless where they can start from.There is also the fear of the online scam that scares many off their dreams.

Whether you need a website as a beginner,for expressing your ideas to the world or to earn some income your search ends here today.After just 5 minutes of reading this post you could be a proud owner of your own website.And yes if someone was still wondering what skills they need to acquire before owning a website,the answer is you don’t need to add to the skills that you already achieved in life.

The steps to having your own website are as easy as 1,2 and 3.

Step 1: For free domain and free web hosting log into

Step 2: Design your website

Step 3: Add content to your website

Once you have a free domain name as well as free web hosting from step 1 you already own a website and you are ready to start having fun.

I now take you through the basics of step 2.

The key to designing your website is for you to learn the dashboard.Once you log into your website home what you find on the left panel and on the top panel is your dashboard.Whatever you need to do on your website you will find on your dashboard.

a) Explore and learn all the functions within your dashboard.Explore by putting the cursor on each function or by clicking on the function.

b) Click on appearance, which shows options, from the options click themes, different themes will be open.Click activate on the theme of your choice.

c)The theme has words and pictures,click customize theme then proceed to change your title, tagline and site icon.

d)While at the customize theme page on the left panel you will find all functions that you need to change.

e) select from each function on the left panel then change from the options given.For a beginner default options are already set,so you may not change most areas there.

f) While on the same page change mainly the menu and widgets.

g)Click on menu,on the next window click create new menu then add from the menu blocks already in the theme.Add menu for primary, secondary and footer locations.

h)Click on widget,on the next window choose widget areas as footer,sidebar or sidebar content, choose from the widgets already installed.Whatever changes you make keep saving or updating whichever word you will see.

At this stage your website is ready for you to start posting.

Step 3:Add content to your website

a) Click create pages according to what you will be posting or sharing with the world e.g music page for sharing about music.Each page you create publish.

b) Create all pages according to what your website is about and publish all.

c) Click post from the dashboard or any window where you see post.When a page is opened write what you need to post,video you need to share pictures you need to post.Give a proper heading and choose the page category in which you are posting.You can also post without any category.

And there you go we are all waiting for your first post on your own website.


Do you have any challenges in developing, designing or hosting websites?

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Be known by your own web domain (en)

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Be known by your own web domain (en)

Setting your own website


For free web hosting,free domain name and free support setting up websites log into and thank me later

Get your business online with free website builder (en)

Get your business online with free website builder (en)

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