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How to evaluate your volunteer strategy.

Volunteers rescuing endangered animals

Consider the following questions when evaluating your use of volunteers:

  • What tasks are performed by volunteers?
  • Is there a coordinator to whom all volunteers report and who assumes full responsibility for them?
  • Are the goals, purposes and policies of the volunteer program stated in writing (e.g job descriptions)?
  • Is the volunteer program regularly planned,organized and revised with participation from the Board,staff,user and community groups,as necessary?
  • Are volunteers given a formal introduction to the organization as well as to their own roles to volunteers?
  • On the basis of what criteria are volunteers recruited and placed?
  • What training is provided to volunteers?
  • Does the organization maintain records on each volunteer?
  • What expense does the organization cover for volunteers (e.g transportation, child care)?
  • Are volunteers given individual performance evaluations?By whom?, When?
  • Do volunteers receive clerical support?Are work space and equipment allotted to them?

Critical areas to look into:

  • How good is your organization’s recruitment process?
  • Do you know if people are doing the jobs best suited to their skills?
  • How can the way you manage your people resource be improved?

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How to evaluate new projects

Workers working on a project

The following are the criteria by which new projects,programmes and activities can be evaluated in order to assess their relative merit and if applicable to assist with the allocation of limited resources.

  • Is it consistent with the mission,goals and objectives of the organization?
  • Is it consistent with the organization’s by-laws and constitution?
  • Is it consistent with the policy statement?
  • Are sufficient human and material resources currently, likely to be or potentially available?
  • Is any other organization addressing or carrying out(or likely to address) the same activity or project?
  • Does it require the involvement or support of outside agencies (i.e fosters partnerships/collaboration)?
  • Is it oriented to national or regional interests?
  • Does it contribute to the organization’s needs?(future funding, current programmes, opportunities)
  • Does fall within the scope of an existing activity?
  • Does research or previous evaluation show this project/activity to have potential for significant impact?
  • Will the activity or project results be measurable?
  • What,if any are the consequences (positive/negative) of carrying out the project or activity?
  • What cost-effectiveness rating is likely to be achieveable?

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How to set your own website

Setting a website

The first time I heard about the world wide web(www) I thought it was something very complex to understand.As I got into the basics of the world wide web(www) I had to contend with the key areas of web hosting and domain name registration.Today as I write to you I am a proud owner of a full .com website.I have talked to many folks around town whose dream is to own a website but are totally clueless where they can start from.There is also the fear of the online scam that scares many off their dreams.

Whether you need a website as a beginner,for expressing your ideas to the world or to earn some income your search ends here today.After just 5 minutes of reading this post you could be a proud owner of your own website.And yes if someone was still wondering what skills they need to acquire before owning a website,the answer is you don’t need to add to the skills that you already achieved in life.

The steps to having your own website are as easy as 1,2 and 3.

Step 1: For free domain and free web hosting log into

Step 2: Design your website

Step 3: Add content to your website

Once you have a free domain name as well as free web hosting from step 1 you already own a website and you are ready to start having fun.

I now take you through the basics of step 2.

The key to designing your website is for you to learn the dashboard.Once you log into your website home what you find on the left panel and on the top panel is your dashboard.Whatever you need to do on your website you will find on your dashboard.

a) Explore and learn all the functions within your dashboard.Explore by putting the cursor on each function or by clicking on the function.

b) Click on appearance, which shows options, from the options click themes, different themes will be open.Click activate on the theme of your choice.

c)The theme has words and pictures,click customize theme then proceed to change your title, tagline and site icon.

d)While at the customize theme page on the left panel you will find all functions that you need to change.

e) select from each function on the left panel then change from the options given.For a beginner default options are already set,so you may not change most areas there.

f) While on the same page change mainly the menu and widgets.

g)Click on menu,on the next window click create new menu then add from the menu blocks already in the theme.Add menu for primary, secondary and footer locations.

h)Click on widget,on the next window choose widget areas as footer,sidebar or sidebar content, choose from the widgets already installed.Whatever changes you make keep saving or updating whichever word you will see.

At this stage your website is ready for you to start posting.

Step 3:Add content to your website

a) Click create pages according to what you will be posting or sharing with the world e.g music page for sharing about music.Each page you create publish.

b) Create all pages according to what your website is about and publish all.

c) Click post from the dashboard or any window where you see post.When a page is opened write what you need to post,video you need to share pictures you need to post.Give a proper heading and choose the page category in which you are posting.You can also post without any category.

And there you go we are all waiting for your first post on your own website.


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How to troubleshoot a faulty component in a gadget

Troubleshooting a faulty component

One of the critical tasks at hand is figuring out which component of a gadget is faulty.

Today we take you through a general approach of troubleshooting a faulty component in an equipment.

Test the power supply to find out whether it’s in the right working condition.

Test at the input section , check whether power flows normally through the input.Test whether signals from the input section still flows.(whatever kind of signal)

Test at the processing unit,check whether electric power flows normally.Test whether signals are being processed.

Test at the output section, check whether power still flows through the section normally.Test whether signals from the input and processing unit reach the output and is output through the output device.(any output device)

If you find any section that doesn’t function properly dismount the whole section and use two further steps to troubleshoot the faulty component.1.Use a similar working section or component,connect to the gadet and power on to see whether the gadget works properly.if it works properly then the dismounted component was faulty.If it doesn’t work then you test other units or components by changing with known working sections or components.2.You can also connect the dismounted section or component to a similar gadget in good working condition,then power on if the gadget does not function then the dismounted section or component is faulty and should be replaced.If the gadget functions properly then the dismounted unit or component works and can still be used.

So by isolating a section or component suspected to be faulty and confirming either by connecting it to a known working similar gadget or by connecting a section or gadget in a good working condition to the gadget under repair you can troubleshoot any system and replace the faulty component with a high degree of accuracy.

Enjoy troubleshooting

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How to troubleshoot or repair a faulty electronic

Fixing faults in the numerous gadgets that you own can some times become such a headache yet in just few steps you would have either known the faulty part in your gadget or even fixed the faulty part.For any gadget these steps will get you smiling and put back life to your handy gadget:

First things first ,the first step is to check on the external of the gadget and see if there are any breakages,cracks or any other unusual signs and don’t forget to check the external cable connection. If there are any cracks fix it.If all these are fine proceed to step 2.

Plug the power cable into the socket and switch on the gadget,try to see whether the gadget still powers on normally.If it doesn’t change the power connection ,then switch on if that fixes well and good if it doesn’t change the power supply.If all that is okay proceed to step 3.

What kind of output does the gadget produce?If it’s not producing any output,then it’s time to dismount the out put section.Usually the output section works with the input section,so it would be wise to check both sections concurrently.A wise area to begin from are the connections.if any section is faulty replace with a tested working component.

By now your gadget should be functioning well

assemble while still open and test,if it is working proceed to placing back the cover and securing with the screws.If its not working check for proper connection and proceed to testing.

And there you are ,you have your gadget right back in a good state.Happy fixing.

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Free organization structure of a successful engineering company.

Company organogram

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Organization structure of a successful technical company.

To show the administrative structure of a successful company
Organization organogram

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