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How to create the environment that we all love.

An open field environment

So often we hear people claim how every issue of concern is to whom it may concern.One question always pops up when we all choose to live in denial of the very issues or circumstances around us,who creates that conducive environment that we all love?

What is my environment?

Whatever exists within any place where we duel at anytime is our environment.Common environment areas may be seen as my space, my home environment,my work environment and my community/world environment.

Don’t be naive or too proud and you become selective as to a particular environment that you need to concentrate on and whichever you need to neglect because whatever you do in any environment ends up in any other environment.For example don’t say I will only do well only in my space yet you have areas in the home environment, work environment as well as community/world environment.

How to create the environment we all love

Even the worst sinner loves to live undisturbed in the environment.As we think about creating an environment that we all love we must remember inclusion shall be our anthem all the way.No matter who you are,where you are,where you are from, what you do,there must be inclusion.

  • From a little child to an old man they must all think inclusion.
  • All the different religious denominations and prayer groups must have inclusion.
  • Governments as well as different party leaders must have inclusion.
  • Government owned companies as well as private owned companies must have inclusion.
  • The fundamental rights of people must remain a right for all and inclusion must be reflected across all right areas here.Governments or organizations that have set out to organize and provide on behalf of the people some fundamental rights of people like education, health, and any other must have inclusion.
  • Let there be inclusion in all services provided in whatever capacity right from individuals to large cooperate organizations and multi- national organizations.
  • Alot has been talked about the law and some leaders have attempted to bend the law to function only in their favour but every law must reflect inclusion and must comply with the TRUTH and FAIRNESS principle.There is therefore no hiding behind the law with unfair decisions that lack truth and fairness.

The individual

I say unto you manage your behavior,manage your behavior and manage your behavior.

  • Do not do unto others what you do not want to be done to you whether in your space,at home,at work or in the community/world.
  • Some people think they don’t know what to do but a good place to start from is to do or give only what you love to others.
  • Later on you have to learn how to talk openly with others, remember you don’t lose anything by being polite.
  • If you are not sure of something ask, someone will give the answer you need.
  • Greet everytime there is an opportunity and don’t only stop at greeting find out how they feel.
  • Learn to respect peoples’ decisions,when they don’t want it don’t bother, when they don’t want to talk leave them remember you are not the one who knows anything.Perhaps what you know best is your own issue.And we all know you are truly limited in trying to know another without involving any aspect of theirs.
  • Learn to say I’m sorry when you have wronged someone or even when you have made them upset without them wronging you.
  • Seek forgiveness and also forgive those who have wronged you.Remember you can forgive even when it’s not possible to seek audience with the one who has wronged you.In such situations you can forgive in the presence of other faithfuls who shall be witnesses before God and mankind .
  • Do all these in your space,at home,at work and in your community or world.
  • Remember you should never get tired of helping others and there’s no law against helping whether at home, workplace or in your community/world.
  • Finally never ever take anybody for granted even that dirty folk on the street matters and indeed all lives matter.Be real to yourself and don’t be so proud for nothing.

Carry your candle and go light your world.

Happy lighting and remember me when you reach the other side.

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