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Enterprise building and the plight of the worker

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The last few weeks I received suddening news from friends who either had been terminated,have an impending termination or are facing challenges at their work places that could lead to termination.The reason for termination, impending termination or challenges that could lead to termination were given as skills gap or lack of professionalism.In some instances black listing of the terminated workers was one of the proposed recommendations by some hiring companies.Quoting the  organization that was moving for blacklisting of terminated workers,”We do not want the workers that we have terminated to work with any other organization because they can spoil the other workers”,the human resources manager said.These friends worked in different sectors including the formal work sectors.
In the social media platforms which I   subscribe to there were two fundamental questions:
1.Should employees be terminated because of skills gap?
2.Is the termination and blacklisting of “unprofessional workers” a way of organizing work force inorder to attain professionalism?

We dig deep into our experience as well as expertise on brand and enterprise building to lay the facts straight and pave way for better brands in the work space . Today we focus on termination of “unprofessional workers” as a way of organizing the labour force.The excerpts herein will also reflect my response to the terminated workers as well as the platform on social media

By the very creation every human do their own work from which hey have to earn whether they work in their own vineyard or in another’s vineyard.
Many international conventions on labour including the International Labour Organization clearly point out to the fact that workers are the owners of their labour.
With that in mind and in light of the scenario in number 2 above,as all the stakeholders attempt to organize work force the key fundamental question is ;In which capacity are you organizing?
We breakdown these questions in line with the core organizational areas as far as humanity is concerned;
a) Are you organizing the labour force as an employee?
b) Are organizing the labour force as a workers union?
c) Are you organizing the labour force as a well wisher?
d) Are you organizing the labour force as a regulator?
e) Are you organizing the labour force as an arbitrator?
f) Are organizing the labour force as government?
g) Are you organizing the labour force in any other capacity?,in which case your capacity must be predefined.

All stakeholders contribute to an organised as well as professional labour force.But stakeholders can best contribute when they are organizing labour force from within their rightful capacities.
Employees indeed own their labour and are protected by any rightfully formulated law ever enforced anywhere in this globe.Employees indeed have a role acquiring the right skills,having the right attitude & behavior as well as aligning themselves to employment sectors that they can comfortably work in .

Since many employees subscribe to the same profession and therefore have similar concerns it’s only natural that they belong to a professional workers union to agitate for their interests ,welfare as well as wellbeing . Basically a workers union is an organised group of employees offering labour within the same profession.The very roles of a single employee in organizing labour force are the duplicated roles of a workers union but in a group.

Different products as well as services offered may have a regulator.The key role of a regulator is to provide an enabling environment for the owner of the labour force to produce a product or offer a service.The regulator does not own any labour and should not frustrate the people who produce products and provide services.

Arbitration is very critical in providing an enabling environment for the producer of products and provider of services
Arbitrators simply need to have proper legal frameworks and particularly ensure that the the laws that protect the owner of labour are set in place.The arbitrator then waits to arbitrate on matters concerning labour force, whether it’s the employee who is on the wrong or it’s any of the other stake holders who are on the wrong.
It’s still crystal clear that the arbitrator does not own labour.

Governments have a mandate to ensure that all the services needed by citizens are provided.The governments therefore have to provide a conducive as well as enabling environment for the owner of labour to produce products or to offer services .So often governments achieve an enabling environment for workers through the work of either national regulators or international regulators in the case of the latter where world governments are concerned.Governments world over hire labour force and therefore cannot claim to own any labour force.
Any other individual,group or organization may play a role in organization of labour force and promoting professionalism .They can do so in a specific capacity, which capacity must be predefined.There are NGOs that organize labour force by aligning their services with the employee in mind while many others also organize labour force by aligning their services with the roles of government in mind . Again it can be clearly asserted here that such individuals as well as organizations do not own labour.
As I conclude,in light of the fate of the workers discussed herein there is non of the other stakeholders who organize for the worker,whether professional, unprofessional, well behaved or badly behaved workers.Such stakeholders can best contribute to the welfare as well as professionalism of workers by organizing within their respective capacities as discussed brielfy herein.
Generally any other stakeholder who claims to be for the workers must ultimately identify with and align all their services with the interest of the worker or else identify with other stakeholders.
In my own opinion every worker should reserve the right to provision of their own labour and protect their own interests.Employees should always belong to a group of workers who offer similar services.I recommend that all workers should belong to a professional workers union, in such a forum their own interests are best handled as a group. 


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