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How to plan for training in an organization

Training could be formal, such as an organized course carried out by an expert,or informal, which relies on practical experience such as on the job experience.We always think that formal training is more valuable as it is delivered by an expert.However this type of training tends to deliver information,but not practical skills.In order to get the most out of a training, you should try and make it as practical as possible.For example,an organization could hold briefing sessions on various topics led by different people working in the organization.

A set training venue

Preparation of a training plan should cover the following:

  • The objectives of the training-what is to be achieved.
  • The population to be trained-who is to be involved, such as the Executive Board.
  • The choice of training methods-How the training will be delivered, such as attending courses.
  • How the success of the training will be measured.
  • The evaluation of the training.

Evaluating the training plan

The training plan needs to be evaluated against the established objectives.Without this evaluation the effectiveness of the training cannot be assessed.There are three levels at which evaluation can be carried out:

  • Acquired skills and knowledge-Have the required skills been learnt?
  • Applied practice-Have the skills been put into practice?
  • Impact on the organization-Have the acquired skills made the organization to function more effectively?

The success of the training should be demonstrated by improvements in both individual and organizational performance.

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