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Free basics of organization strategic planning

An organization building

In order to use resources most effectively,you need a relevant and current strategic plan to provide direction for your organization.

Developing a plan or strategy is in theory,a relatively straight forward process.it is made up of five components:

  • Investigate the internal and external operating environments to decide what the organization’s strengths and weaknesses are,and what opportunities and threats exist that might affect your capacity to meet your objectives.
  • Decide what your organization should achieve.
  • Develop strategies that take account of your investigations and that allow you to meet your objectives.
  • Put these strategies into operation.
  • Evaluate strategies against the intended objectives and feed back into future strategy development.

There are a number of reasons for developing a strategy for your organization:

  • A strategy will provide a framework for decision making as it will identify priorities for the organization.
  • The setting of objectives will force you to ask and answer important questions,such as what the future opportunities are for the organization.
  • The process of environmental auditing will make you aware of key issues, internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats.
  • A strategy will help clarify staff roles,allow the allocation of resources and encourage consultation with staff.
  • In many organizations ,the process will ultimately lead to the development of two types of plans:
  • A strategic plan
  • An operational or business plan

The elements of a strategic plan include:

  • Vision and mission
  • Mission statement
  • Strategic objectives
  • Action plans
  • Key performance indicators.

Creating a strategic plan

There are two aspects to strategy development that will affect how successfully you can achieve what you want to achieve ; auditing of your operating environment and setting of clear objectives.

Evaluating the environment

The development of a successful strategy relies on good information and awareness of the operating environments that affect your organization.

Setting clear objectives

Objectives guide the operations of the organization since they set out what has to be delivered.Therefore it’s important that they are clear and communicated to ,and understood by everyone working within the organization.Objectives should be set using the acronym SMART

  • Specific
  • Measureable
  • Attainable
  • Ranked
  • Time-constrained

Do you have a strategic plan for your organization?

Do you have an operational or business plan for your organization?

Are your organization objectives clear and known by everyone who works in the organization?

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